Mindfulness: Part of a Well-Balanced Diet

IMG_20150327_214603I recently read a short post by The Dietitian’s Pantry about why diets are silly and unreasonable and pretty much everything I have been against for the better part of forever.

The main point: eat what you want until it no longer satisfies you. If you really want a piece of pizza, and you force yourself to eat a sad salad instead, chances are you will still end up double-fisting some slices of  pepperoni heaven. You probably don’t want the pizza because it will nourish your body…it’s just really really tasty. So enjoy it with no apologies, but maybe just have one and then give the salad a second chance.

I enjoyed reading this article not just because of its commentary on nutritional wellness, but because the concepts resonate with so many different aspects of mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

I think this quote from the post embodies my point quite well:

“Mindful eating is about really enjoying the food you eat, tasting each mouthful and tuning in to the taste, texture and flavors of the food. It’s about listening and recognizing your hunger and fullness signals so you know how much to eat till you are feeling comfortably satisfied.”

When all we have are expectations of what we are supposed to do, how we are supposed to feel, and what we ought to be achieving, we lose the ability to consciously recognize what our minds and bodies need.

Story time:

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Dinner and a Novel: Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell

I want to dedicate a section of my blog to food that satisfies a different kind of hunger…

I give you Dinner and a Novel.

2014-08-03 19.11.29

I am an avid reader, and I would so love to share my passion with all of you! This new section will include personal book reviews to be served alongside my usual fare. Perhaps I’ll even mix in some fun recipes to complement them 🙂

I’d like to begin with the novel Cloud Atlas:

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How Your Eating Habits Affect Productivity

2014-12-10 16.18.49It is the end of finals week at Cal Poly. The free-flowing caffeine has finally ceased and I’ve begun my recovery.

During this week, I realized the true importance of channelling positivity and watching what you eat at a time when such luxuries are often put on the back burner.

Allow me to offer you some tips for choosing the best foods for deep focus.

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Fresh Finds at the Farmer’s Market

There’s something about farmer’s markets that has always drawn me in. When I was very young, it was the fresh crepes cooked right in front of you. Then I grew up and came to appreciate the flavor of a true tomato. Now, one year in to college and free of dorm food, I relish the invigoration that comes from eating a fresh meal.

Image 2

As a budding journalist, I found that farmer’s markets offer another treat: They are an opportunity to connect with people and their products.

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Tweets, Tunes, and Taste: Week of November 10, 2014

Cuban-style black beans and riceHello readers!

It has been a week of discovery.

I know it sounds odd to say this as a blogger, but…I’m not much of a social media buff. In a perfect world, I would write for eternity and I would have my own retweeting monkey.

Regardless, I made a Twitter for Dinner and a Playlist. Lo and behold, I became addicted. There are so many unique and creative people in this world with stories to share. So, I read on…and on.

I’ve decided to compile some of these stories, recipes, and people for you to read, enjoy, and follow!

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Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Dinner at MacLeod’s

Happy Mother’s Day from Dinner and a Playlist! As per reader request, this week’s post will feature my own cooking. I suppose some of you wanted to see my background in cuisine, so here you are!

I traveled to my hometown for the weekend and surprised my mom with her gift — a three-course vegetarian meal (which inadvertently became vegan, if anyone vegan cares to try it).

It was SO GOOD. I’m sure it was due to the freshness of the ingredients. Mother’s Day morning, we purchased the majority of them from the local farmer’s market. Hoo-rah for supporting local business.

Please enjoy the dinner image gallery and see below for recipes and the playlist!

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Taking to the Atascade-road

20140423_195503For today’s post, we take our first journey out of San Luis Obispo.

Well, not too far.

A couple weeks ago, I picked up a magazine of local eateries to inspire my search for the next dinner. Sure enough, right on the cover were the words “Best Kept Secret in SLO County.”

You thought I would pass that up?


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“Don’t take care of the cage and forget about the bird inside”

20140412_140025This Saturday, I decided to pay a visit to one of my favorite restaurants in downtown San Luis Obispo: Bliss Café.

Tucked behind Cowboy Cookie near Garden Street, Bliss is a nook of positive energy and spiritual presence. Lining the walls are tapestries of deities, brilliant lanterns, and quotations meant to inspire.

The PlaylistBliss
Corvette Cassette: Slow Magic
Blessed: Brett Dennen
Kiss the Breeze: Sticky Fingers
Bless This Morning Year: Helios
House by the Sea: Iron and Wine

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